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Create A Life Of Clarity
& Purpose

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The answers to living a more fulfilled life lie within our Self.


Hello, I'm Indira

I live my life with clarity and purpose because I tune into my Self for guidance. I let go of the mind's limiting thoughts, taking actions from my Self to allow new experiences to unfold. For over 20 years I've helped people around the world release the mind's negative thoughts and access their intuitive inner knowing – I call the Self. Using my method, they have been able to let go of the daily concerns that can keep us stuck and uncover a new sense of purpose.

Connect. Listen. Trust. Act. ™


YOU are the writer of your

own story.

At IndiraLife™, the journey to Connect. Listen. Trust. Act.™ empowers you to take charge of your life. You will let go of negative thoughts and access your true Self. We aren't focused on solving problems, but rather engaging and cultivating a way of being that moves you from a life spent in survival mode to one of effortlessly living. We're here to shift your perspective so you can look at life through a different – clearer – lens.


Making a Difference


This is the Self — evolved.

"Indira helps you attract more money in your life, have better relationships with your friends and family by teaching you to Connect to your Self in which anxiety and stress lessens and all these areas in your life gets better by letting go of repetitive negative thoughts from the mind."

- Alisa S., Owner/CEO


"Indira's approach to living from Self has changed my life. I use the tools daily to stay focused and centered. Living from the Self has changed how I approach my work, my family, my friends, and my outlook. I have less stress and confusion and more clarity and confidence.  I highly recommend this way of living."

- Amy S., CEO


"Indira's method has been an important tool in my quest to live a more present, less stressful life. What makes Indira unique is she doesn't pretend you can achieve enlightenment where you're always "living from the self", instead she teaches you to unplug even if for a minute - and that's good enough!! Everyone can benefit from Indira's method, regardless of age, life stage or goal."

- Anastasia M., CMO

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Mind vs. Self

Most of us are guided by our minds. But in connecting to our intuitive Self, the mind is actually a roadblock. Why? Because the mind works on what it knows and has absorbed over the course of your lifetime. It uses that information to dictate your future. Turning instead to the Self eliminates your fears and anxieties and illuminates your joys and successes.

At IndiraLife we guide and empower you to live from the Self: a transition that reveals your true purpose. The pathway for this transition is at the heart of our approach – Connect. Listen. Trust. Act.


This is the Self — evolved.

The IndiraLife Membership

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