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Free Yourself from Stress & Anxiety

How my set of guided audios will change your life.

Most of us are guided by our minds. But when we encounter experiences that keep us feeling stuck, the mind is actually a roadblock. Why? Because the mind creates our thoughts and feelings that dictate our future.

With my guided audios, you will experience the clarity and serenity that’s possible when you release the mind using my unique Indira Method of Connect. Listen. Trust. Act.™


What’s Included: 

Introduction Audio

Guiding you to get the most out of your audios, this introduction will explain how to listen and use your audios for maximum results. 

Journal your Mind Exercise Audio

Follow directions to complete a unique Journal your Mind exercise. This step is important and reveals the root causes for the stress and anxiety you are experiencing, and sets the foundation for the next audio. 

Releasing & Unplugging Your Mind Audio

In this audio you will release your mind and experience the freedom and clarity that exists within your Self. This unique guided experience will bring you an extraordinary sense of peace you have never known. 

​Free Yourself from Stress & Anxiety




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Enjoy our sample audio clips

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