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Hello, I'm Indira

I live my life with clarity and purpose because I tune into my Self for guidance. I let go of the mind's limiting thoughts, taking actions from my Self to allow new experiences to unfold. For over 20 years I've helped people around the world release the mind's negative thoughts and access their intuitive inner knowing – I call the Self. Using my method, they have been able to let go of the daily concerns that can keep us stuck and uncover a new sense of purpose.

How did I get here? After spending years in pursuit of success, I arrived at my own moment of realization: I was simply moving through life and I felt stressed and empty. I was taking all the necessary steps, but life still felt difficult. This disconnect—knowing there was more while feeling stuck in my reality—led me to my own search for purpose. I sought help from many sources—religion, ashrams, energy work, meditation, rebirthing—but still felt adrift. I realized then that it was my own mind that was holding me back. I'd been living controlled only by my mind instead of being guided by the Self. I felt awake for the first time.

Since then, I have spent the past 15 years coaching, leading workshops and personalizing programs for individuals and groups, all with the same mission in mind: it's possible for anyone to create the life they have always wanted.

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You are your most powerful tool.


Personal Coaching 

Putting the control of your life in your hands is an enormous relief. At a time when we can feel more “out of control,” with my 4-step method of Connect. Listen. Trust. Act.™ you learn how to access the guidance and answers that transform any situation on demand. With my coaching you will have the gift of my intuitive knowing on where your mind keeps you stuck in fulfilling your vision and purpose. As we work towards giving you more access to your Self, you will bring a balance to your life that leaves you in an experience of wholeness as all areas of your life come into harmony.

Send us an email for more information.

Workshops & Programs

I have been delivering transformational programs to groups and companies for over 2 decades. In my Tools to Live a Better Life 12-week workshop, you learn how to operate powerfully as a team from the Self vs. mind. Each participant discovers a new model for listening and communicating that alters their experience of working as an empowering team. My method of Connect. Listen. Trust. Act.™ allows each person to shift out of the mind’s survival driven energy to one of connectedness and oneness. A new sense of freedom, clarity and purpose arises.

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The Delphi Sphere Executive Program is a 12-month program designed for executives to lead their organization from a new business paradigm. Led by Paul Dominguez and myself, this program trains executives in producing unexpected and unprecedented results by connecting to the intuitive Self. 

Click here for details on this program and more about Paul Dominguez, who brings over three decades of corporate coaching to executives in top 100 companies. 

What people are saying about working with Indira

"I gained a greater sense of calm and purpose. Encouraged the desire to embrace my “thinking phase”, be kinder and listen more. I’ve been given a tool to help me understand and identify the value in my uniqueness. I feel that it has helped me to be more positive about me. Indira is personable … and I felt that she was connected to me and my journey and often heard what I wasn’t able to convey."

Workshop Participant


"I am not as disempowered by my mistakes. I find it much easier to communicate and I find that I am much more aware of my mind and how it may mislead me into having negative thoughts and feelings about myself."

Workshop Participant


"When I first began the program, I remember quite distinctly Indira challenging what I considered to be my already-existent "wokeness." Through this program, Indira has challenged me to step back and watch my own life through a different lens, questioning what I considered Self when it was really the mind at play. I really appreciate the way she invites a new way of thinking. "

Workshop Participant


Speaking Engagements

Spreading the message of YOU are the writer of your own Story and The answers to living a more fulfilled life lie within our Self redefines the context for being a human being.

Speaking and delivering these messages along with how my method of Connect. Listen. Trust. Act.™ eliminates stress and anxiety in today’s lifestyle gives hope and purpose to our lives.

To inquire on having me as a speaker at your next event send an email.

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