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Connect. Listen. Trust. Act.™
The Indira Method


Most of us are guided by our minds. But in connecting to our intuitive Self, the mind is actually a roadblock. Why? Because the mind works on what it knows and it's absorbed over the course of your lifetime. It uses that information to dictate your future. Switching from the mind to the Self eliminates your fears and anxieties and illuminates your joys and successes. At IndiraLife™ we guide and empower you to live from your Self: an empowering transition that reveals your true purpose. The pathway for the transition is at the heart of our approach.

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To connect is to unplug the mind and tune into the Self. 


To listen is an active process. Listening to the Self is acknowledging its presence and recognizing its vital role.


To trust is to honor what the intuitive Self, not the mind, is relaying. Trust the Self.


Shifting your actions from the mind and responding instead to a deeper, more intuitive voice, in Act, you bring the Self to life.

Hundreds of lives around the world have transformed with The Indira Method. Discover how Connect. Listen. Trust. Act.™ can make a difference in your life.

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