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A Connection

A ConnectionIndira Dyal-Dominguez
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You will be Connecting to:
“What is there for me to know about ______?” and then presence any area/situation/circumstance that you want to get answers from your Self about.

How to prepare to Connect:
Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable place where it is quiet and you will not be interrupted. Be sure to have a notebook and a pen to write down what you get.

Please put aside 15 minutes for this connection.

In the beginning when you Connect, you won’t necessarily know the difference in the energy of your Mind versus your Self. As you write down what you get, you will develop a relationship to the words your Mind says, i.e., “should,” “want,” “have to,” and any strong views of the situation.

As you live this as a way of life, you will soon have an awareness of the difference in energy, and at any time you can disconnect the Mind to seek into what is resonating from your Self.

Begin to presence your Self as energy. With your eyes closed and starting from the top of your head, ignite your cells with the vibration and resonance of your higher Self. By simply opening to this awareness, you are activating the frequency in alignment with your highest and truest Self.

Be sure to write down whatever is being evoked from your Self. It is important to immediately write down what is there when you Connect. It takes a few short minutes, in some cases just seconds, before the Mind is once again shaping,


driving, and presencing what is occurring. As such it is important and necessary to write down what was experienced, felt, evoked, or heard during the Connection around both statements. This allows you to develop, in how you Listen, the dif­ference between the energies of your Mind distinct from the energies of your Self.

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