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Self Critical Thoughts and Your Well-Being

Have you ever noticed that there's a voice in our head, that's constantly judging us?

I call it "the mind's chatter."

Sometimes it's loud and clear and other times it might feel like a persistent whisper, but it's constantly highlighting what we dislike or what isn't okay about how we are. Although we don’t always hear it, it's always there - talking to us.

Let’s look at why this matters to our self-care and well-being.

We tend to focus on self-care by the external things we do, for example: massages, going on trips, taking down time. While that’s totally awesome, I want us to look at self-care as also tending to the thoughts that continually criticize us.

Recognizing these thoughts matters.

They impact how we feel about ourself and life.

Imagine walking into a room, where everyone around you is telling you what's not okay with you.

Wherever you turn you hear a comment or conversation about YOU - what needs to be different, what you're not good at, what you're lacking, and giving you evidence for why it's true. You’re constantly reminded of why you aren't good enough or what needs to be fixed about you.

How would you feel if that was happening to you each day? Well, for sure not happy or fulfilled or joyful!

This is exactly what is happening to us when we are not aware of those subliminal thoughts our mind is having with us. They rob us of our vitality and aliveness, and drain our energy, leaving us stressed.

The good news is that it is possible to see these thoughts and let them go. Becoming aware of when your thoughts do not honor you and knowing that you have the tools to let them go is extremely powerful.

This energy creates a feeling of aliveness, activating a passion for being your best self.


Just For You

In this exercise become aware of what your mind is telling you.

A Shift In Awareness


Grab a notebook or tablet, take 15-20 minutes and begin to write down what your mind is telling you that's WRONG about you. Stay focused on what's WRONG or NOT OKAY about you.


If you notice that you want to stop writing before the time is up, go deeper. These thoughts are buried and hidden from your view. It takes being deliberate to tune into the mind's chatter for what it's saying about you.


Notice which ones are the ‘loudest.’ Become aware of how true and real the mind's thoughts feel.

With practice you will discover how easy it can be to release your mind when it is getting in the way of being your best self.


After this exercise, share with me what inspired you or what you can now see is possible for you! Simply comment … we always LOVE to hear from you!

Until next time ...

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